*** History of Met-Map ***

6-7 Nov. 1997: The Commission on Metamorphism of the Carpathian-Balcan Geological Association has a meeting in Budapest.
The base idea appears.

Nov. 1997 to April 1998: Endless discussions with B. Koroknai and B. Székely. Formulation of the Constitution version 0.

June 2001: Version 2 of the Constitution.

Aug. 2001: Discussions in Zagreb, in Budapest and in Bratislava.

Sept. 2001: Discussion with the Austrian, Slovakian and Slovenian colleagues in Obergurgl during the Alpine Workshop.

25 Sept. 2001: Distribution of Constitution (V.6), Legend (V.4), and Preliminary overview map of the Units (V.1).

30 Oct. 2001: Met-Map NEWS #001; the first Description is ready; temporary web site for the consultation partners.

24 Jan. 2002: Met-Map NEWS #002: Questionnaire for the consultation partners about the most problematic points; new URL available.

7 March 2002: Round-table discussion in Budapest about the Tisza-Unit. Balázs Koroknai elected to be Hungarian National Coordinator.

18 May 2002: Met-Map NEWS #003: Alpine metamorphism, Sheet #1 is downloadable from the homepage.

4 Aug 2002: Alpine metamorphism, Sheet #1, version 2 is downloadable from the homepage.

9 Aug 2002: Met-Map NEWS #004: Evaulation of the voting to Questionnaire sent by News #002.