++++ Met-Map NEWS #003 ++++
++++ 18 May 2002 ++++

Dear All,

I would like announce some new features of the Met-Map homepage.

I also ask you to help me in checking them. If you find misprints or logic mistakes in the formulation or improper function of links contact me. The different browser and screen combinations show rather different images. If you observe some very disturbing feature (which affects the understanding of the given page) report me the used browser version and screen size, please.

1) "Communication": there is a brief description on the modes of sending contributions and also how to subscribe/unsubscribe to receive Met-Map NEWS.

2) "Authors": it is a preliminary list, if the data are imprecise, do not hesitate to contact me.

3) "Overview Maps / Geology"

4) "Overview Maps / Detailed Maps": the frames are linked to small insert maps.

5) "Links": I would like other suggestions & completion of the list.

6) "References": updated.

7) "Map of Units": new figure, the abbreviations of the Units with ready descriptions are 'clickable'.

8) "List of Units": updated.

... and the most important:

9) "Main Maps / Alpine": the first version of Sheet #1 is downloadable from the homepage. Test both pdf files, please. The patterns are still 'experimental' they need test on as many screens and printers as possible. Receiving your opinions would help my work.
This version:
- does not contain structural geology,
- does not show the exposed/subsurface differences everywhere,
- on the areas except REW and AAB Units the pattern is preliminary, it is taken from the literature. The pattern will be determined by the Responsible Compiler of the given Units.


István Dunkl