The Metamorphic Map and Database of Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaride Area (in abbreviation: Met-Map) is an organisation of the specialists working on the metamorphic and structural evolution, geochronology, petrology and geochemistry of the metamorphic units between the Alps and the Anatolids.

Aims of the Met-Map:

- To compile, update and visualize on maps the results of the research related to the metamorphic formations of the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaride area.

- To define and describe the metamorphic units of the area.

- To serve bibliographic guide organized according to the units.

- To offer a discussion media where opinions, actual news, planned or running projects, new publications, etc. can be presented.

The Met-Map is organized on the web; the users can download the graphic and textual files and complete the system with their comments via the homepage.

Editor: I. Dunkl (Göttingen)

Editorial Board: I. Balintoni (Cluj Napoca), W. Frisch (Tübingen), L. Hoxha (Tirana), M. Janák (Bratislava), B. Koroknai (Budapest), D. Milovanovic (Beograd), J. Pamic (Zagreb), B. Székely (Budapest), M. Vrabec (Ljubljana)