Authors of the Met-Map and their role

— Keeps contact with the Editorial Board and the Compilers of the Descriptions.
— Checks the submitted materials. If the Description of a Unit does not fit to the neighbouring ones, contacts the
Compilers and with the Editorial Board manages a consensus according to coherent criterion.
— Creates and actualises the overview maps, tables, lists and links of the homepage. Performs the updating of the graphic and textual information on the web-pages from the received materials. The map details are placed on the public web-site, only when the
Responsible Compiler already confirmed it.
— The
Editor can point out serious contradictions between Descriptions and Pin-board Articles with Editorial Notes.

Editorial Board
— Composed of national representatives and persons contributing to the creation of Boundaries.
— With the
Editor create the subdivision of the map into Units.
— Receives suggestions to modify the Boundaries of the Units or to unify/split the Units into parts.
— Gives mandate to the
Compilers to create the Descriptions of the Units.
— Checks the submitted Descriptions according to the required parameters (e.g. every obligatory record must be filled). If it does not fulfil the criterion, they return it to the responsible
Compiler, otherwise the Description is forwarded to the Editor.
— The
Editorial Board does not modify the content of the Description, just notices the observed contradiction with the bordering Units.

— They are responsible for the Descriptions.
Units crossing political borders must have at least one
Compiler from each country.
— They can select and ask additional
Compiler(s) for the creation of a given Description.
— The
Responsible Compiler traces the life of the Description and modifies its content when new, significant data appear and updates the bibliography by the new, related publications.
— Later, when the Description is already presented on the Met-Map homepage they receive the suggestions to complete/modify (i) the description of a Unit, (ii) and if it is necessary to change pattern and symbols of the Unit on the Main maps.

        If the
Compilers accept the suggestions they modify the Description and send it to the Editorial Board. In this case the person(s), who submitted the suggestion become Contributor and their name(s) will be mentioned in the Description, further in the "header file" of the Unit.

Authors are expected to submit their data:
— in electronic form,
— in the previously discussed and described format (binary format).
Unfortunately we have to deal with the copyright issue, too. (Just remember the appropriate enclosures of the different periodicals.) The data, text and figures have to be free of any previous copyright entanglement to be published this way. This is also a publication.


The following chart indicates the roles of the authors.

Role of the Authors