version 7 : 20 July 2002

Constitution of the Metamorphic Map and Database of Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaride Area

abbreviation of the whole system: Met-Map

Compiled by I. Dunkl
with consultations and contributions of:
P. Árkai, B. Székely, B. Koroknai, W. Frisch, I. Balintoni, T. Berza, A. Biro˛, L. Csontos, W. Faryad, M. Janák, M. Kázmér, F. Koller, Gy. Lelkes-Felvári, D. Milovanovic, R. Nakov, L. Palinkaš, J. PamiŠ, D. Plasienka, M. Putiš, R. Schuster, M. Thöni, B. TomljenoviŠ, K. Török and M. Vrabec

Format convention:
Courier: author of the system - defined in chapter: "Authors of the Main map..."
Italics: part of the system - defined in chapters: "Parts of the system" and "Units of the Main maps"

Introduction, goals

        It is twenty-five years ago that the 'Map of Metamorphites of the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaride Area' was published within the frame of the Commission on Magmatism and Metamorphism of the Carpatho-Balkan Geological Association, by co-authors from eight countries (Szádeczky-Kardoss et al., 1976). The technical editing work was made at the Laboratory for Geochemical Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences by Péter Árkai. During the past decades the knowledge on the metamorphic evolution of this region was multiplied, owing to the appearance of new methods in thermobarometry and in geochronology. Numerous new deep drillings have reached the metamorphic basement of the areas covered by Neogene sediments, serving new information on the subsurface distribution of metamorphic formations.
        Recently, the community of Alpine geologists published the 'Metamorphic Map of the Alps' (Frey et al., 1999) which summarises the metamorphic evolution of the most important adjacent area.
        We consider that the time has arrived to compile a new metamorphic map of the Carpatho-Pannonian-Dinaride-Balkan area. Geoscientists working in the region are already utter the wish after a modern, consistent and easy-to-read map which integrates the data from different countries.
        In this initiative we aim to develop and co-ordinate a new map and a database considering the metamorphic formations of the European Alpine chain between the Alps s. str. and the Anatolides. The new Met-Map will consider formations experienced at least "very low grade" metamorphism (>2.5-3% vitrinite reflectance [Rrandom] and/or < 0.42°
D2q illite crystallinity).

Philosophy, accessibility

— This map is planned to be essentially different form its precursor and from the Alpine map. It will be a web-site based map with linked textual data and a discussion forum on its homepage. (Later, for the better distribution, CDs will also be created and when all the Descriptions will be ready, a joint printed publication is also possible.)
— The map consists of Units. The Units are characterised by the latest metamorphic overprint. Within one Unit the metamorphic grade can vary. Their textual and graphical (i) definition, (ii) distinguishing criteria, (iii) bibliography and (iv) a Pin-board are linked to every Unit.
— One benefit of this way of editing is that the map and the attached database will be updated permanently, thus the data will always mirror the latest stage of research.
— There is an other advantage: no expenses of commercial printing and distributing will appear. Every user can download the last versions of the graphic and text files and print the map by own desktop printer.