Graphical update of Main Maps

The suggested steps for the graphical exchange:

1) Download the screen version of the Main Map sheet.
        File-naming convention:
    a: Alpine
    1: Sheet #1
    001: version number

2) Import the bitmap into your preferred graphic program as base layer and stretch it to the proper size.

3) Lock this BITMAP layer.

4) Create a new drawing layer above it.

5) Put crosses exactly above the tick-marks at the corners of the bitmap.

6) Make the drawing of your new part (do not use any filling and coloured or dashed lines) and save.

7) Delete the BITMAP layer.

8) Export the drawing as an AutoCAD file, in DXF format (Release 12 or less). It is the most reliable, stable and deformation-free format.

9) Name the DXF file: YourFamilyName-AlpineMet-SheetNo-VersionNumber.dxf (for example: miyashiro-a-1-001.dxf).

10) Send only the DXF file to the Editor.

If you like, you can send a screen capture (screen shot) of your work as a GIF file.

The colouring and the arrangement of the patterns are the duty of the
Editor. Before the placing the new material to a public web-site he will send it for a final control to the author and to the National Coordinator(s).